Find relief from exhausting patterns and live boldly.

I am Nicci the Resilience Coach and I am weirdly passionate about watching people fall in love with their lives. Let’s talk about what that looks like.

Calling all anxious perfectionists, burned out people-pleasers, self loathing over-achievers, and worn-out empaths. You are afraid it will be this way forever but you don’t know where to begin. Let’s talk about it.

Who am I here to serve?

  • Anxious perfectionists who tie themselves into knots over fear of making mistakes and looking incompetent

  • Chronic people-pleasers who overextend themselves and then feel guilty for burning out

  • Over-achievers and A-types with big dreams of helping humanity but feel stuck and directionless

  • Men and women who are deeply relational and want to improve their communication skills

  • Anyone who wants to better understand their reactions, emotions, motivations, or choices.

Nice to meet you!

I am a former US Marine with a penchant for solving murky problems and finding the right words. I’m a hybrid of contradictory talents: investigative fact-finding, and intuitive instinct.

When something is interesting to me, I study it. Nothing is more interesting than finding the root cause of a problem or pattern. For the past 12 years I have devoted myself to learning all I can about why people do what they do.

My motivation for finding answers started off as personal. I wanted relief from my co-dependent behavior and constant self-criticism. After recognizing and shifting my patterns, I felt inspired to help others do the same. Now, I use my knowledge and instincts to help foster ah-ha moments and shifts in perspective.

In my free time my husband Daniel and I love traveling with our dogs, Bill and Rowdy. I am also a photographer, mediocre gardener, decent artist, and craft junkie. I love board games, carbohydrates, esoteric subjects, and true crime stories.

My Method: Integration

Integration meaning: To be made whole; a state in which nothing vital is missing.

Integration is for anyone who wants to use their talents to help others. It allows you to find your natural balance point so you have more energy to do what you enjoy.

Integration is a method that fuses all the parts of yourself you don’t like, recognize, or accept.

The process requires reflection, honesty, and courage. It means owning your attitudes and choices. It sounds intimidating because it is. It’s also a fierce gesture of self-worth that pays dividends.

When you choose to become integrated, you also choose to:

  • Break generational patterns

  • Define your identity

  • Enhance your lifestyle

  • Challenge shitty expectations

  • Reform lifelong patterns and behaviors

  • Find courage and confidence

Why work with me:

I am not a coach for the masses. I work with empaths, perfectionists and people-pleasers because we speak the same language. I understand the complexity and intensity of our specific stumbling blocks. Even though we are our own worst critics, we are worthy of living bold lives on our terms.

Conventional psychology, neuroplasticity, and emerging studies on body-mind connection inform my coaching style. Clients have described my coaching as being efficient, invigorating, safe, and personalized.

If you are driven to help others and feel like you are never doing enough, I am the coach for you.

Step outside your pattern

Living for the approval of others is hard. Telling the truth and embracing change is hard. Either way, we must all choose our hard.

Getting Started

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